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Pharma Division

PHARMA SERVICE COMPANY is a pharmaceutical/Medical wholesale agents and distributor of a number of held agencies and big range of products lines under our own brand "Nimed"

Laboratory Division

Pharma Service Lab will dedicate all its efforts to strengthen its position as one of the reputed suppliers of laboratory equipment and reagents in the Middle East, through the knowledge, skills, expertise and joint strengths of its Sales and Service Engineers.

Online Division

Pharma Service Company has ventured to selling some of their selected products online. Some of the products includes OTC Products, Incontinence, Bio-Bracelets etc.



Mosquito-borne infections are illnesses that can pass to humans from the bite of a mosquito. Protect your self and your loved ones from mosquito bites. Mosquito bites are often just itchy and uncomfortable, but they could lead to something much worse.


Planta Lax Tea promotes detoxification using a special selection of natural medical herbs useful for constipation and its side effects such as headache and skin impurities, bloating and flatulence due to gas accumulation.


FITTYDENT Denture Adhesive System products is an Austrian company founded in 1982. The company’s main is to provide denture wearers with a feeling of freedom and security that significantly improves their quality of life!.

We are committed to creating our own culture that embodies the values of Integrity, Trust, Respect, Diversity and the spirit of team work.

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