About Pharma Service Co LLC

We are committed to creating our own 
culture that embodies the values of Integrity,
 Trust, Respect, 
and Diversity and the spirit of team work.

Company Profile

PHARMA SERVICE COMPANY is a Pharmaceutical/Medical wholesale agent and distributor of a number of held agencies. The Company was established in 1984 by the late Dr. Hassan Al Nimer. Through the efforts and persistency of the staff, Pharma Service Co. grew over the past 31 years to become one of the reputed companies in its field of distributing OTC pharmaceuticals, home health care products, medical laboratory equipment and supplies.

Now, Dr. Hassan Al Nimer’ is succeeded by his son Mr. Ahmed (Managing Director) and is involved in the day-to-day operations ensuring timely and efficient decisions. Pharma Service Co. now employs 32 persons and continuously invests in facilities and processes.

 Pharma Service Co. manufactures products under its own brand “Nimed” in cooperation with contract manufacturers from Asian (Thailand, India, China, Malaysia) & European (Italy, Germany, Austria and Netherlands) countries. We also distribute our branded products outside the UAE, especially to the neighbouring GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq and MENA Regions like Africa, Algeria and Uganda.

Pharma Service Co. continues to grow by focusing on the company’s concept of supplying quality products at reasonable prices to satisfy all customers in need of our products. Through paying special attention to customer service in our highly competitive market, we take great pride in our commitment to quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness and our reliable service to our customers. Throughout our history, we have always stayed true to our key values and, as a result, Pharma Service Co. is able to attract and retain the finest talents, as well as the full respect and confidence
of our customers and suppliers

Our Mission

Pharma Service will dedicate all its efforts to strengthen its position as one of the reputed suppliers of quality products in the U.A.E and other countries in the Middle East, through the knowledge, skills, expertise and joint strengths of its employees and management with those of our partners.

We will continue the efforts and challenges towards progress and innovation in medical care, in order to meet the expectations and fulfilling the demands of those who are in need of our products and services.

We want our existence to challenge other companies and competitors to think and come up with real quality products that will serve customers and patient’s real needs, offering competitive prices and value added services on win-win basis, so that business outcomes can be shared with our partners.

We will continuously improve and evaluate the quality of our products and services, to respond positively to the different needs of our loyal customers.

Our Vision

We will continue the efforts and challenges towards strategic progress and innovation in medical care in order to meet the expectations and demands of our dynamic and competitive market. Through stern challenges and competition we strive to set the benchmark for quality health care products that will positively impact our stakeholders and environment.

We are committed to creating our own culture that embodies the values of Integrity, Trust, Respect, Diversity and the spirit of team work.

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