Feeling Constipated?
Stomach Gasses?
or Feeling Bloated?

Not Your Ordinary Laxative Tea



Herbal Tea

Medical herbs are the oldest and the most common form of natural substances used by human beings.

Planta lax tea is a natural laxative gently and reliably encourages physiological intestinal transit for people who have occasional constipation, this carefully formulated blend of 100 % organic herbal ingredients such as Senna that will leave your digestive system feeling revitalized.

Works Gently

Using a combination of Organic Herbal Ingredients, Planta Lax Tea effectively relives intestinal discomfort and promotes healthy bowel movements without cramps or discomfort.
> Gentle on the stomach
> 100% Herbal Ingredients.
> Available in all pharmacies and selected retailors across the UAE!!

100% Natural

Planta Lax Tea contains a special selection of natural medical herbs is useful for constipation and its side effects such as
headache and skin impurities, feeling bloated, flatulence due to gas accumulation etc, Planta Lax Tea also helps in digestion and cleans the intestines.


Cortex Frangulae:
It is purgative with a mild action, stimulated in the colon, Evacuate soft stool 6-8 hours later.

Fructus Sennae:
The senna helps in the severe onstipation of patients suffering from severe irritable bowel syndrome, senna significantly increase the rate of colonic peristalsis and transit which in turn increases both fecal weight and dry bacterial mass due to their colonic specificity.
The time of action of Senna is usually 8–10 hours and thus the
dose should be taken at night.

Fol. Rubi frut:
is mainly indicated as antidiarrheal and antidiabetic agent, help against skin rashes as a blood cleanser, dysentery, leucorrhoea, and diarrhea

Fol sennae:
Abolish the severe constipation of patients suffering from severe irritable bowel syndrome. The time of action of senna is usually 8–10 hours and thus the dose should be taken at night. Senna significantly increase the rate of colonic transit and colonic peristalsis.

Chamomillae Vulgaris:
Chamomile tea is a domestic remedy for indigestion. A remedy often used to calm and soothe, Chamomillae is ideal for those who experience restlessness and sleeplessness.

Fructus coriandri:
aromatic, carminative, stimulant and added to purgative medicine to prevent gripping.

Gentle to your stomach.

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